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A bit about Jody…

I have been interested in food since I can remember.  Food has always been a way to remember certain events, times, and places in my life.   Growing up, food and family went hand in hand.  My Grandma Ethel was the matriarch of food for my family, and some of my earliest food memories come fmeetjody1rom her.  My mother has since then taken her place as head food honcho, constantly on the quest for the perfect family meal.  She has provided me with a love for cooking and the basic tools needed to get one on the right path.   I find that I gravitate naturally to all things baked and frosted, with a few savory bites in between. 

I have worked in the food industry for my entire working life.  I used to think this was a curse and less than an accomplishment.  A coworker once told me “restaurant work is one step above circus work”.  This fact I know to be true. Through the years it has proved to be a valuable tool in the making of who I am today.  Coffee shops, bars, and restaurants are hosts to some pretty amazing, educated people.  Working in food service has not only honed my acting skills, it has allowed me the opportunity to try new and wonderful flavors.  The days of Ramen Noodles and Boone’s Farm have faded away and left me with a much more rounded palate.  Don’t get me wrong, I still love my low brow snacks…

As a mother of two boys I do my fair share of cooking and baking.  Balancing work, home, social, and my love of baking has become quite the challenge.  Just recently I have decided to try my hand at cake decorating for others than my immediate family. This Blog, for me, will attempt to showcase a few of these moments and maybe offer some creative ideas and insight to those who read it.  Mostly it will give me an outlet for all that is running through my chaotic head.  Be on the lookout for random thoughts of craziness.  Enjoy! 

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A bit about Megan…

By day you will find me behind a computer, by evening you will find me in the kitchen. It would be a stretch to say I was a great cook – my knife skills are mediocre at best and I am pretty reliant on written recipes. But despite those things, some really good dishes have come out of my kitchen.

I love food, I love everything about it. I love reading it about, watching shows about it, cooking it, smelling it and of course, above all, I love eating it. I would say I am a moderately adventurous eater – I will most likely try everything at least once. I would have to say the oddest thing I have ever tried has got to be 1000 year old egg, which wasn’t bad.

Belonging to a very food-centric family, you can easily see where my passion for food comes from. Both my mother and sister, both contributors to this blog, are some seriously talented cooks. And now that I am married, I get to share my love of food with my husband, whose vast knowledge of food related facts is sometimes scary.

As a contributer to this blog, I plan to share some of my favorite recipes, travel and restaurant experiences and random ramblings about food and life.

Oh, and incase you were wondering:

The three ingredients I can’t live without are Pecorino Romano cheese, honey and my salt collection. Yep, a salt “collection”.

The three ingredients I can live without are anything watermelon “flavored”, black pudding and green olives.

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A bit about Sandy…

Ask anyone who knows her and they will agree “Sandy is an exceptional home cook.” One could attribute this to sandyhaving such a wonderful mentor, her mother Ethel, or simply that she has been doing it almost all her life. Regardless, Sandy’s got game in the kitchen! She has a natural ability to take a recipe and tweak it just right in order to give it that “Something Special”.

Fanatical about her ingredients, she has the grocery bills to prove it. She is also a master in the garden – obviously blessed with a green thumb. A variety of herbs, tomatoes, peppers, lettuces, cucumbers and beans are just a few of things she cultivates.

And talk about a snack drawer – it’s a snacker’s mecca. If there is a new product on the market Sandy’s got it, or at least tried it.

So, what makes Sandy such a good cook? Well, it could simply be love and a mother’s care that is the one ingredient that can’t be recreated. Her cookies are unbeaten, her paprikash is legendary and her meatballs blow Rocco’s mamas out of the water.

Sandy’s role in this blog will be more of a silent partner, providing valuable guidance and much needed inspiration.

Jody, Mom & Megan

Jody, Mom & Megan


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