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Alphabet Flashcard Birthday Party

Monday, April 1st, 2013
Treat table at alphabet flashcard themed first birthday party.

Table at alphabet flashcard themed first birthday party.

So, my son just turned 2 – and I am just now posting about his 1st birthday, how bad is that?  With two little ones, I don’t get around to posting as often, or ever. My littlest is only 3 weeks old.  Life has been hectic to say the least.  But that is no excuse for the long lapse in posts.  Well, come to think of it…that is a great excuse.   Anyone who has little ones understands.  I have even more excuses too.  You can add a move across the country too.  I would like to say that I am going to jump back into blogging full time – and sure, I can “say it”.  But doing it, is another thing.  Making a commitment to do anything on a regular basis is difficult for me.  Heck, washing my hair on a regular basis can be difficult. Oh yes, I said it and you other mothers know it.

OK, on to the birthday party details…

Jackson was getting ready to turn 1, and like any first time mom, I was ready to pull out all the stops.  I wanted something really cute, and original.  So I decided on an alphabet themed party.  I found a few resources that helped me with ideas.  These were alphabet / flashcard themed parties and you will find all of the details to these resources listed below.

In addition to buying items off of I also created several of the decorations using my Cricut.  If you are not familiar with a Cricut – you have got to check out their website.  It is a crafters dream device for cutting out paper. I made an alphabet garland that I hung on the front of the food table.

I adore the sweets tables that Amy Atlas creates, they are just breathtaking.  I wanted to do something similar, but on a much smaller scale.  So I decided to create my own candy buffet table.  I used alphabet flash cards I found on as decorations.  My candy buffet table included gum balls, rock candy, candy canes, sugar cookies and little containers of M&Ms.

Candy table at alphabet flashcard themed birthday party

Candy Favor Table

alphabet sugar cookies

Alphabet Sugar Cookie Party Favors

1st Birthday Party Hat and 1st birthday bib

1st Birthday Party Hat & Bib - Custom "flashcard" Invitation

I found a website,  BlondeDesigns, they had done a very cute abc flashcard themed birthday party.  This is where I “borrowed” the idea for the invitation.  I found a designer on to help me create the image of Jackson’s face for the invitation. You can find details on all of the resources that I noted below.  I also found other sellers on etsy that provided the party hat and 1st birthday bib that Jackson wore.

Birthday boy enjoying his first birthday

Birthday Boy Enjoying His First Birthday

I found the paper mache letters at Hobby Lobby.  I then used acrylic paints to paint them in the party’s colors.  They were a great visual addition that made a lot of impact for a reasonable price.

Cake Balls with first birthday toppers

1st Birthday Cake Balls

As you can see, everything was in bright oranges, blues and greens.  These cake balls were a hit.  I created the first birthday toppers on my Cricut.

Custom Line Drawing of Childs Face's Jackson

I used the custom drawing I had done of Jackson’s face that I used for the invitation as decoration.  I blew it up and cut it out.  Jackson’s face was everywhere.

C is for Crayons - Party Favors

C is for Crayons - Party Favors

Now onto the 1st birthday party favors.  Since it was an alphabet flashcard themed party…I decided to give our guests crayons in the shape of letters.  I packaged them up in cellophane bags and added a label that I created on my computer.

Jumpin Jax!  We call Jackson “Jax” for short.  So, how fitting to give out “Jumpin Jax”.  I bought little bags of Jacks at the local craft store…removed the label…and then reattached my own label.  Again, I used the drawing of his face – they turned out great.

Jumpin Jax - Jacks Party Favors

Jumpin Jax - Jacks Party Favors

Party Favor Stations

Party Favor "Station"

Rice Krispie Treats in Party Colors

Rice Krispie Treats in Party Colors

The food table was colorful and fun…which is what I wanted.  Nothing too fancy – all things kids liked to eat.  A bucket full of colorful sodas that the kids could help themselves to sat on the floor.

Colorful Sodas in a metal bucket

Colorful "Help Yourself" Sodas

Kids First Birthday Party Food Table

Kid Friendly Foods

And yes, I know, the tissue paper pom poms are played out, but they are so easy to make.  This will probably be the last time I make them – I swear.

Tissue Paper Pom Poms and Paper Lanterns

Tissue Paper Pom Poms and Paper Lanterns

Check out the following websites for more Alphabet Flashcard Party ideas:

wannabauthor’s Pinterest ABC Bday Ideas Page

This Nest Is Best’s ABC School Birthday Party (funny, I just found this resource.  I did not see it while planning my party – but we had several of the same ideas – how odd is that?)

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One Charming Party – Classic School Baby Shower

Alphabet Flashcard Themed Birthday Party Resources

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5sizes2small – Custom Drawing – this is the line drawing of my son’s face used for invitation

PopHeartPress – Alphabet Flash Cards – I used these for alphabet flashcards for decorations at the party