Deep Dish Pizza Cake

It's, it's a Pizza Cake!

It's, it's a Pizza Cake!

A hot trend in cake decorating right now is creating a cake that mimics something from everyday life.  Food shaped cakes are some of the most popular. 

My brother-in-law, Joe, just celebrated a birthday… and what better excuse to bake a cake than for a birthday!  Joe, like everyone else in my family, has a love for great food.  He and my sister have traveled and ate their way around the globe.  However when it comes down to the basics, pizza is his go to food.  With that information in hand, I decided a pizza cake was the best bet for him.  This was a fun cake to make simply because…who doesn’t like pizza? 

I started with size and shape.  I knew the cake would be round, but how just how big of a round?  I opted for a 12” round not because there were going to be a ton of guests, but because I thought it would be the most realistic size for a pizza shaped cake. 

Cake baked, cooled, and sliced; I needed to get busy with my plan for decorating the cake to look like a pizza. It had to look realistic. So I started with the obvious…crust first.  In order to give the cake a great crust, I piped a very thick wavy line of buttercream all around the edge of the cake.  After the buttercream was piped, I placed it into the fridge to set up while I worked on the fondant.

A thick, wavy piping of buttercream helped form the "crust"

A thick, wavy piping of buttercream helped form the "crust"

I have been making my own marshmallow fondant for some time now and find that it works well for me. Plus, the cost of making your own fondant compared to purchasing fondant is like night and day.  Not to mention, marshmallow fondant tastes much better than “regular” fondant – which is normally inedible. 

Once the fondant was rolled, I brought the cake out and went to work covering it.  The crust of a pizza is a multitude of colors and shades. To give my pizza cake this illusion, I watered down some brown gel food coloring and started sponging it on with a crumpled paper towel.  The crust ended up turning out great; it looked just like a Papa John’s pizza crust.

Sauce was my next task.  I chose strawberry preserves to which I added a dash of red food coloring.  I spread the “pizza sauce” edge to edge. 

The pizza "sauce" is strawberry preserves.

The pizza "sauce" is strawberry preserves.

On to the cheese – most people’s favorite part!  I have seen cheese done several different ways, my way was to melt white chocolate and drizzle it in a caddywampous pattern over the top. Then, it was back to the fridge to set up.

Now on to the toppings!  So many to choose from, where do I start?  Of course I chose pepperoni, the classic pizza accompaniment.  Since Joe is a meat lover, chunks of sausage made sense.  I added black olives for their round shape and unique color.  And finally, green pepper, to add a hint of green which rounded out the overall look. 

Anyone order a pepperoni, sausage, black olive and green pepper?

Anyone order a pepperoni, sausage, black olive and green pepper?

All toppings where made out of marshmallow fondant and then hand painted with gel food coloring. A more random arrangement worked best when it came to the toppings.  The end result was a super realistic pizza cake which everyone adored.


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13 Responses to “Deep Dish Pizza Cake”

  1. lindsey Says:

    I love it! How did you get it so shiny?

  2. FaeriedTreasures Says:

    That is a seriously beautiful cake. It makes me crave pizza and cake at the same time! lol. Really great work!

  3. Racehelle @ "Mommy? I'm HUngry!" Says:

    That is a great cake!! Love it! Beautiful work.

  4. Rachelle @ "Mommy? I'm Hungry!" Says:

    That is a great cake!! Love it! Beautiful work.

    (duh misspelled my own name in the last comment)

  5. printable coupon Says:

    These looks so wonderful!!
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  6. Megan Says:

    I normally would think this last comment was spam…but since we love Bellacino’s Pizza – I will put this up. Thanks for the coupons!

  7. JodyCakes Says:

    Everytime I have hand painted fondant with gel food coloring it gets a sheen to it. These photos where taken shortly after the cake was complete so it was still a bit wet. My cakes never seem to make it more than a day so I can’t say the shine would last for a long period of time.

  8. Smidget Says:

    THis is amazing…what a great job! Those pieces on top look real.

  9. peabody Says:

    How cute is that! Looks very real.

  10. Misty Says:

    Brilliant! I might have to tackle the marshmallow fondant myself…

  11. Kendra Says:

    Holy cow, this is awesome! I’m gonna send it to my sister to try, she’s the real baker.

  12. Keisha Says:

    BEAUTIFUL Cake! It looks soooo real. I can’t wait to make this cake. This is the BEST pizza cake that I have seen on the internet. I will try to make the marshmallow fondant too. Thanks for the inspiration!

  13. Jamie Says:

    My mom has is a GM of Donatos and is leaving after 8 years. We are throwing her a surprise party and I can’t wait to tackle this cake for her. :) What flavor cake did you use? I was thinking just a normmal yellow cake but if you have a better idea that would compliment the strawberry preserve and white chocolate, I would love to know!!

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