A Cake Tasting, New Adventures In Cake…

The Inside of a "Tasting" Cake

The Inside of a "Tasting" Cake

Like all girls, I grew up planning how my wedding would look in my head.  I would wear a huge white princess gown and glass slippers as if I were one of the characters from a fairytale.  Let’s just say as I got older my wedding visions changed along with me.  There were even points where I simply wondered will this wedding thing ever happen? 

I have been to many weddings and seen the stress the bride goes through to make it an “event to remember”.  To me it seemed they spent most of the evening saying hello, thank you and making small talk with guests they barely knew.  All that money spent on a party for people I really don’t know, not for me.

I chose a much different route – quick vows witnessed by actual people in my life and then a party with great cake and food to follow.  My mother made all the food, dad picked the wine, my sister baked an incredible cake, and my best girlfriend took the pictures.  Although not that grand of an event, I feel it was something that created a memory for my friends and family.       

Cake Tasting Ingredients

Cake Tasting Ingredients

Over the past few months of writing this blog I have become increasingly more busy making cakes and other confections for people.  I was approached with the offer to do a wedding cake for a friend’s sister.  I was excited and terrified thinking about taking on this colossal effort.  Unlike my wedding, this wedding has somewhere between 250-300 people attending.  That is a whole lot of cake!

I spoke with the bride over the phone about her vision, and what she likes and doesn’t like.  I suggested a few ideas from my head and then we set a date for a cake tasting.  I have no personal experience with the concept of cake tasting, so I did some investigating.


Some bakeries you must schedule an appointment and pay a fee refundable upon ordering.  I have also heard of mass tastings held by bakeries in house or at bridal fairs allowing many to taste their confections. 

Typical me, I chose to be different.  I wanted to give her three 3 inch mini layer cakes. Me and my big ideas, ugh!  

Three Mini "Tasting" Cakes

Three Mini "Tasting" Cakes

This proved to be more of a learning experience and a lesson of what not to do.  Let’s just say, I bit off more than I could chew and had lots of leftover cake. 

The cakes did taste wonderful, of course, but after all the time baking, cooling, and cutting I didn’t have the time to make them works of art like I had planned.  This however, was a cake tasting, and taste prevailed…I got the job!  Now the work can begin…

In order to keep the brides selections and plans confidential – I am not going to disclose any flavors or recipes.  Let’s just say I am very excited about what she decided on!  Look for upcoming posts on this cake adventure

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2 Responses to “A Cake Tasting, New Adventures In Cake…”

  1. cake links Says:

    I love that you put the nonpariels ( coloured balls) into the cake mix, I would never have thought of that – it looks excellent, almost like confetti in the cake!
    Well done and congratulations!

  2. mikeS Says:

    A friend of mine just emailed me one of your articles from a while back. I read that one a few more. Really enjoy your blog. I have a wedding page too and you might want to have a link exchange.We both benefit from this and if you are a wedding vendor you are welcome to our free vendors directory.Thank you
    *** One of the greatest wedding sites ever***

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